Test cell


Newly build test cell in 2003 of the U-type (vertical intake and exhaust). Comply with latest environmental requirements and accomodate engines up to 75.000 lbs. This testcell is the result of thouroughly aerodynamic and accoustic studies in cooperation with the KU Leuven University. The test cell is correlated and approved by Pratt & Whitney.

The section of the engine room is 10,25 x 10 m (102,5 mē), the length is 30m assuring a laminar flow to the engine.

Testrun verification and compliance with the manufacturer's requirements. Final inspection will include a boroscope and walk-around inspection.

JT3D in testcell  Jet engine in test cell

Control room

The control room 6m by 6m is completely noise isolated.

A state of the art computer system is used to monitor, control and log the complete engine test. All the engine parameters are continously digitally monitored and recorded.

All subsystems as fuel management, start-up procedure, ignition, fire protection system... are touch-screen controlled.

Control room test cell  Test cell screen

Test cell of Aircraftpowermaintenance